HowTo: MATITK for Mac OS X, 64Bit, Matlab 2009b

23. November 2009

Quick and dirty: I compiled ITK 3.16.0 in 64Bit mode and MATITK on Mac OS X 10.5.8 64 Bit for Matlab 2009b. Get the matitk.mexmaci64 here:

A detailed description about how to compile the code is coming soon… So here we are:

Get and compile the ITK source code

You should get the ITK code, which can be found here:

Configure and compile ITK with CMake. Set CMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURES to x86_64:

ccmake .

Get and compile the MATITK source code

I was looking for the latest source code of MATITK. The published code in the Insight Jorunal was from 2006. The latest code of MATITK I could found was published 2007 in the mailinglist of MATITK:

Export your Matlab environment path: export MATLAB="/Applications/"
Configure MATITK with CMake: ccmake .
Set ITK_DIR to the root build tree of ITK, e.g. ~/Downloads/InsightToolkit-3.16.0
Set MATLAB_MEX_EXECUTABLE to where your mex-compiler can be found, e.g. /Applications/
All paths to the ITK Toolboxes should be set, e.g. ~/Downloads/InsightToolkit-3.16.0/bin/libITKBasicFilters.a

I had to edit the MATIK source code, since I got a few errors. Basically, I checked every *.inl for a FunctionCall. Within this call, the last argument ist mostly something like ITK...IMAGEFILTERDESC. I just set that argument into quotation marks, e.g. "ITKANTIALIASBINARYIMAGEFILTERDESC". Now, I could compile without errors:

Grab the library here:

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